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A Scientific Assessment of Climate Change with Kevin Trenberth, October 30

October 30, 7:30PM

Dr. Kevin E. Trenberth is a Distinguished Senior Scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. From New Zealand, he obtained his Sc. D. in meteorology in 1972 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a lead author of the 1995, 2001 and 2007 Scientific Assessment of Climate Change reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize which went to the IPCC. Free and open to the public.


Tuesdays with Morim: Diet, nutrition and lifelong health with Susie Speer, November 1

Tuesday, November 1, 7PM

Explore myths and truths about food & nutrition. This discussion is not about restrictive diets or weight loss, rather, it is about maximizing health as we age.

Susie has started a second career as a registered dietitian, having earned a B.S. Nutrition and completed a 9-month dietetic internship. She has a passion for using lifestyle to both prevent disease and improve quality of life and enjoys talking with others about ideas to meet their specific needs.


Organ Donation Panel Discussion, November 6

November 6, 1PM

Every year, organ, eye and tissue transplants provide lifesaving and healing hope to tens of thousands of people suffering from disease, injury, trauma or blindness. Organ donation has touched lives within the CBE community; the need can touch any one of us at any time.

At this time of renewal, new beginnings, and thanksgiving, CBE is hosting an expert and experienced panel which will discuss the different opportunities to “get on the lists” as a potential marrow donor and organ/tissue donor. Hear from a fellow CBE member what is involved in being a marrow donor and watch a short video of a young brother and sister, donor and recipient, both of which will warm your heart and may inspire you to “get on the list”. Learn the Jewish perspective on organ donation, hear the inspiring stories of organ donors and recipients, and learn how easy it is to become an organ and tissue donor. Come get your questions answered by those who already have walked the walk.

Registering as an organ and tissue donor is a gift of hope and life to those in need.

We say L’Chaim…let’s mean it!


Alternative Gift Fair

Beth Evergreen is a Sponsoring Congregation of the Alternative Gift Fair and is right around the corner! We need your help! Bake sale items are needed and there are still plenty of volunteer opportunities such as:

  • Volunteers to take a shift for a few hours such as:
    • Cashiers & cashier support
    • Cashier Line Director
    • Parking attendant
  • Set-up, Break-down/Clean-up before and after the event
  • Front door greeter (Greet shoppers and distribute shopping bags)
  • Hospitality room (Welcome/chat with volunteers and vendors, re-supply coffee, snacks, etc.)
  • Medical assistant (Nurse/EMT, etc. to be available in case of unexpected events, first aid, etc.)

Sign Up Here


New Member Potluck

Please join us for a special Thanksgiving-themed potluck dinner and Shabbat evening in honor of CBE’s newest members…

Friday, November 18, 2016

6PM Family Shabbat
6:30PM Potluck dinner (RSVP HERE)
7:30 PM Music Shabbat

Whether you are new, new-ish, or a long-term member who will help with welcoming – we hope to see you there!


A Diplomat’s View of Middle East with Ambassador Gary Grappo, November 20

November 20, 7:30PM

Gary Grappo is Distinguished Fellow at the Korbel School for International Studies at the University of Denver in the school’s Center for Middle East Studies and CEO of Equilibrium International Consulting, LLC. His diplomatic postings are marked by some of the late 20th and early 21st centuries most difficult foreign policy challenges, from Nicaragua and the “Contra” War to the fall of the Soviet Union and the many crises of the Middle East. The latter include:

  • Post-9/11 actions to combat Middle East terrorism.
  • Establishment of the State Department’s hallmark Mideast assistance program, the Middle East Partnership Initiative.
  • Re-building of US-Saudi ties after 9/11.
  • Negotiations to implement a Free Trade Agreement.
  • Leadership of the super-sized political affairs division at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Coordination of efforts to help resolve the Mideast’s most enduring struggle, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An Arabic speaker, he served as:

  • US ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Head of Mission of the Office of the Quartet Representative, the Honorable Tony Blair, in Jerusalem.
  • Minister Counselor for Political Affairs in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Charge’ and Deputy Chief of Mission in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Director of Regional Affairs of the Near East Bureau of the Department of State in Washington.

His postings included Nicaragua, Portugal, Jordan, Oman (twice), Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jerusalem and several in Washington, D.C.



“The Blessing of Acceptance” – Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children with Laurie Walowitz, December 6

Tuesday, December 6, 7PM

“One of the most generous gifts you can give to your child is to study her temperament, and once you’ve learned it, work to accept it.”  (Wendy Mogel, Ph.D, “The Blessing of a Skinned Knee,” p. 53)

This evening promises to be a lively, interactive conversation focusing on “The Blessing of Acceptance,” the second chapter in “The Blessing of a Skinned Knee,” by Wendy Mogel, Ph.D. With warmth and humor, Mogel approaches child rearing using the wisdom of the Torah, the Talmud, and important Jewish teachings, along with psychological insights.

Facilitator and CBE member Laurie Walowitz will bring her own warmth and humor to the conversation. Laurie is an experienced parenting class facilitator, in-home parent educator and licensed social worker.  She has used more than her share of Band-Aids over the last two decades on the skinned knees of her two sons, both of whom are now in college.

This workshop is geared toward parents, grandparents and others who love and work with preschoolers through elementary school students. To read the chapter in advance, visit:


Reincarnation with David Sanders of the Kabbalah Experience, December 11

December 11, 3:30PM. Join us for an exploration and experiential learning session on reincarnation through study, and group discussion connecting you to a deeper understanding of the significance of reincarnation on your spiritual journey.

Youth and Family News


Sign up for Religious School!

Religious School Signup is now available. Click here to register.


Adult Hebrew Class Now Available

Have you ever wanted to learn Hebrew? Did you learn it once, but have you forgotten everything since your b’nei mitzvah? Now’s your chance to brush up! Click here to register.


Religious School Pizza!

The Education Committee is organizing a Religious School Dominos Pizza snack fundraiser that will typically occur on the last Wednesday class day of each month from September to April. YUM! This is in addition to the weekly snack we provide students.

Pizza is $2/slice with a maximum of 2 slices per student. Download the form here.


Family Hannukah Potluck

Celebrate the Festival of Lights!
Community candle lighting, blessings, songs, games & crafts.
Bring your favorite menorah/s and candles for each member of your family.

December 16, 5:30