Middah of the Month: Cheshvan

Judaism nurtures our purpose in life to make this world a better place. Central to the work of repairing the world (tikkun olam) is the individual cultivation & repair of soul traits (tikkun middot). The practice of Mussar is the work of refining, tuning and fine tuning the quality of our character (middah).

Middah of the Month = Cheshvan (November): tranquility of the soul/ equanimity (menuchat HaNefesh)

Do you find time to chill out and relax? Can you close your eyes and … trust? Equanimity, or rest of the soul, is a prized middah in Mussar. Alan Morinis likens it to surfing, staying upright and balanced even as the waves are rising and falling. Rabbi Salanter invites us to find what our soul work is about by looking at where we fall off the surfboard.

• Examine an area of your life where you are frequently off balance, where you “lose it.” Can you identify the source of your imbalance, the loss of equanimity?

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