It Takes a Village

So much goes into the beautiful High Holy Day services here at Beth Evergreen. The work that staff does is only a small part of what makes our holidays a wonderful community event. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those that made this past holiday a huge success. We could not do it without our hardworking and dedicated volunteers, so, again, a big thank you and huge kudos to (in no particular order):

David Jordani and the Spiritual Life Committee

Music and Sound:

  • Cheri Rubin
  • Daniel Stelini
  • Tara Saltzman
  • Havarah Shirah ( the CBE choir)
  • Ari Gould
  • Steve Posner
  • Hal Stein
  • Alan Rubin
  • Helen Hutchens

Rosh Hashanah Luncheon:

  • The CBE Board of Directors
  • Phil Zeitler
  • Steve Tarasar
  • Kasey Conner
  • Diane Amdur
  • Rebecca Jones

Behind the scenes magic, sanctuary set up, & logistics:

  • Robbie Glantz
  • Jim Orsund
  • Neshama Mousseau
  • David Froman
  • Randi Murray

This Year’s Ushers:

  • Jonathan Miller
  • Beth Miller
  • Myrna Goldberg
  • Iris Solomon
  • Simone Simpson
  • Anne Wolf
  • Lana Issacson
  • Helen Hutchens
  • Barry Levin
  • Alan Rubin
  • Nadine Kagan-Wilson
  • Ron Solomon

Greeters & Registration Table:

  • Marilyn Saltzman
  • Judy Sherman
  • Steve Peckar
  • Karen Torf

Sukkah Set up:

  • Steve Bernstein
  • Alan Rubin
  • Dick Arnold
  • Rabbi Jamie
  • Gary Torf
  • Russ Arnold
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