Middah of the Month: Tevet

Judaism nurtures our purpose in life to make this world a better place (tikkun olam). The individual and lifelong work of cultivating character traits (tikkun middot) is central to the work of repairing the world.

Middot of the month of Tevet (Dec 30- Jan 27): Gratitude (Hacarat hatov) & Justice (Tzedek)

“Recognizing the good” – Gratitude opens the heart. Dr. Alan Morinis says,“… When you live charged with gratitude, you will give thanks for anything or anyone who has benefitted you, whether they meant to or not. Imagine a prayer of thanks springing to your lips when the driver in the car next to you lets you merge without protest, or when the water flows from the tap, or the food is adequate?”

Seeking to understand the needs of our society and acting to address them are our obligations. Acknowledging in gratitude that which we have may open our hearts to that which others have not and empower us to take action to right the injustice.

Can an “attitude of gratitude” encourage an expression of justice?

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