Middah of the Month: Sh’Vat

Judaism nurtures our purpose in life to make this world a better place (tikkun olam). The individual and lifelong work of cultivating character traits (tikkun middot) is central to the work of repairing the world.


Middah of the month of Sh’vat (Jan 28 – Feb 26): Patience (Savlanut) and Anger (Ca’as)

The Hebrew root of savlanut (patience) means to bear or suffer, the ability to hold emotional discomfort. Ca’as (anger) is the quintessence of emotional discomfort.

Rav Wolbe uses the image of carrying a load to describe Savlanut. Each relationship we have comes with a certain load we need to carry … to stay in the relationship. We need Savlanut to deal with our own baggage and that of our children, partners, parents and friends.

Dr. Alan Morinis uses the metaphor of a lit match and a fuse. We practice Savlanut by extending the distance between the match and the fuse.

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