Star Trek: Jews in Space, June 13

You may be familiar with the origin of the Vulcan salute, or you may be aware that Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner were Jewish, but did you know that the Jewishness of Star Trek runs much deeper? Join Elizabeth Moore for an entertaining but informative look at the Star Trek universe, including:

  • A look at Nimoy’s Jewish life both before and after Star Trek
  • The Jewish influence that Shatner and Nimoy had on the writing of the original series
  • An in-depth look of the Jewishness of Vulcans in general and Spock in particular
  • A teasing of what Star Trek characters might be literal Jews
  • An overview of other Jewish actors who have worked on Star Trek, as well as significant Jewish producers and writers who have influenced the franchise
  • A look at other alien cultures with Jewish elements

Elizabeth is not a Jew, but she plays one at CBE. She has been a rabid fan of all things Star Trek since she was ten years old. She’s attended many conventions and met several of the principal actors from both the original series and The Next Generation. She knows phrases in Romulan and Vulcan, and was at one point fluent enough in Klingon to translate passages of Mormon scripture.