President’s Update:  Spring 2017

Spring greetings to all of you.  Here are some exciting updates from your Board of Directors:

  • We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a renewal letter of agreement with our wonderful Rabbi Jamie. This agreement confirms our ongoing and mutual commitment to a long-term relationship with the congregation and our rabbi.  It includes for provisions for periodic review of performance, expectations, and financial agreements without requiring that the entire agreement be redone every few years.  This agreement also facilitates scheduling adjustments that are important for Rabbi Jamie and his family.
  • We have concluded a challenging and successful first season of ESP, our emergency shelter program. Many thanks to the ESP leadership team, Kaethe Zellner, Leah Conner, Lois Friedland and our core of devoted volunteers for providing shelter and hospitality for our guests during our severe winter weather.
  • At our Board meeting in April, the Board approved the plan to take on fiscal and operational management of the prior RMAE preschool (a tenant at CBE for over 14 years). Due to changes at RMAE, the preschool was at risk of being shut down, and RMAE had informed us that they would not be able to continue to pay rent.  After significant deliberation, including discussion of the benefits and risks of taking on the preschool, the Board approved the plan to take on the school(it will be established as a separate nonprofit entity) , working with the schools current director and staff for the coming school year.  Our own educational staff, including Tara Saltzman and Rabbi Jamie will be working directly with the preschool team to further develop and enhance programs.  We recognize that due to significant time constraints, and pressure to make a decision quickly, we were unable to involve all of you in this important decision.  We also recognize that this decision does not come without some financial risk, especially in the first year of operations.  On the other hand, our financial analysis indicates, that with a proactive marketing effort, as well as program development, we will be able to increase enrollment which will result in a positive financial outlook.  We need your help in spreading the word about this new effort in our mountain community, and encouraging families to consider enrolling their children in the preschool. The preschool will be renamed as:  The Learning Center Preschool of Evergreen (TLC). The website for the new school is under development at.  We appreciate your support of this new and exciting effort, and look forward to answering your questions.
  • Lastly, its that time of year when we work on the congregational budget as well as plans for Board member elections. Stay tuned for more information on both of these, but if you have questions or interests, please be in touch
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