Director of Educational Innovation

Congregation Beth Evergreen is a Reconstructionist congregation. Ever wonder what that means? The dictionary defines Reconstructionist Judaism as the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people.

Seeing innovation and adaptation as deeply traditional, we cultivate and support Jewish living, learning, and leadership for a changing world.

Beth Evergreen in particular has an informal, egalitarian approach that encourages Inclusive participation in the celebration of religious, lifecycle and communal events. You can read this in CBE’s mission statement on the back page of the Shofar. Even better than reading it is living it, and thanks to Dr. Carol Morris, we really have been living this mission through the religious school. As Director of Education, she has brought us interactive and innovative programming such as J-Flex, Hebrew Lab & the Magical Mitzvah Tour. These programs, among others, are open to the wider community and are dependent on inclusive participation, providing space for learning informally as well as formally. That’s not easy to pull off, I can tell you!

I have valued working for and with Carol, my appreciation growing for all her efforts with each new responsibility I inherited. With her calm demeanor and stunningly tireless efforts balancing TWO religious schools, Carol pursued excellence in opportunities supporting Jewish living, fully embracing the experience of learning. With patient guidance and openness to new ideas, Carol models egalitarian values. And, in addition to being a fine leader, mentor, director, and friend, she’s just a really cool lady. We will miss her. I will miss her.

Toda Raba Dr. Carol Morris!

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