The Buzz at C BEE E

Did you know that the Hebrew word for bee is D’vorah?

At the end of August, I went on a guided hike with my family in the Pennsylvania Mountain Area near Fairplay.   Research there on high altitude bees by the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) had recently been published in Science Magazine.   The hike leaders name was Deborah (D’vorah in Hebrew).   What a funny coincidence I thought.

The next day, a discussion in our house about which “super hero universe” is better, DC or Marvel, and which super power is more valuable led to another curious moment.  To convince me of the superiority of the character Quicksilver (Marvel) my kids showed me a Youtube clip of Quicksilver in action from the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. It was AWEsome.  The most riveting part for me was the first few seconds:  close up of a bee hovering over a white daisy.

Now, If you haven’t heard yet that the religious school this year is exploring connections with bees in nature and Torah and how those relationships can inform our Jewish experience, you might not have been as gob-smacked as I was.  Watching that scene really piqued my curiosity and deepened my sense of what Kabbalists might call a “Kabbalah moment”, something like synchronicity, coincidences that have deeper meaning to those experiencing them.   So, I’m running with it.  And guess what?  D’vorah comes from the same word as d’var, as in D’var Torah, the “speech” b’nei mitzvah students work on while studying Torah with Rabbi Jamie.  And D’vorah also comes from the word that means to speak, and converse, and happening.  What happens when we come together, communicate & interact?

Like the bee who transforms nectar into honey and whose nature perpetuates life, each child is an integral member of the community, transforming Jewish culture, knowledge and values into enduring experiences that sweeten our world.

Religious school starts September 6, 2017, Wednesday 4 – 6 pm

See the Religious school calendar for class dates and times and the website for registration, fees and discounts.

PreK -7th grade, students:

  • Participate in Model Minyan, prayer & song with Rabbi Jamie
  • Explore Jewish identity through music, art, social action & Beeing

(bee centered activities & studies including solitary bee homes at CBE, personal bee hives & more)

  • Build language skills through Hebrew Lab
  • Immerse in Jewish knowledge through Torah study & story
  • Engage in tikkun olam, indoors & out
  • Reflect & refine personal connections with Judaism and each other

J-Flex For families who can’t regularly attend Wednesdays, J-Flex classes meet 2x/ month on dates & times agreed on by participating families & teacher.  Registration includes J-Flex classes & ALL other scheduled Religious School programming.

Contact Tara Saltzman for more information

Shabbat Morning  9 AM  Come ShabbaShare second Saturdays for family service & community programming;

creatively communal and open to all.  No registration 

Past B’nei Mitzvah? Try:

  • Hebrew for Adults 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 pm (registration supports religious school and includes text book)

* Adult Hebrew Aleph   Learn the Hebrew letters & sounds, begin to decode words & recognize meaning

* Adult Hebrew Bet       Enhance Hebrew skills, identify linguistic connections, read with ease.

  •  Hitlamdut Happenings:  Check out the hive and grow your curiosity, FREE!

Come meet our religious school students, study and learn together 2nd Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Explore traditions, create rituals, add depth, meaning and joy to life cycles, Sabbath & holidays.

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