Middah of the Month of Tishrei: Respect & Honor

“Kavod is about recognition, dignity and honor” Kavod comes from the same Hebrew root as KaVeD (Kaf, Vet, Dalet) meaning heavy (weighty & serious).  The opposite then is light weight, easy, in Hebrew that’s KaL (Kuf, Lamed).  The Hebrew word for curse (KLaLa) also comes from the root word KaL.  “When I relate to someone with due seriousness I honor them, and if I treat them lightly it is as if I curse them.” (Rabbi David Jaffe, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe)  Judaism teaches that each of us IS a holy soul.  Not that we have holy souls, but that we ARE holy souls.  It is our responsibility to seek the holiness in others and ourselves, Even if well hidden!

Focus phrase:

“Let your neighbor’s honor be as dear to you as your own.”(Avot chapter 2)


What behaviors, habits and/or practices do you do that reflect kavod? What is easy and what is challenging for you about honoring your partner or colleague?


  1. Journal = Write about ways you seek praise and recognition.
    How are your efforts to seek praise and recognition rational or irrational?
  2. Intention = Choose an 20 minute period each day to do whatever you can to honor anyone who comes your way.
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