CBE Mitzvah Committee

The Mitzvah Committee of Congregation Beth Evergreen supports the Congregation’s members during times of joy and times of sadness.

In times of joy and celebration –

• Welcomes new babies to the Congregation by helping with baby naming ceremonies and providing meals
• Welcomes new members with a visit and a connection with a neighboring CBE member
• Supports high school seniors and college students by providing a CBE contact on campus

In times of sadness or difficulty –

• Supports members suffering from illness, recovering from injury or living with chronic illness by offering meals and visits
• Supports members grieving from the recent loss of a loved one by helping with shiva minyans and offering meals during time of mourning
• Makes every effort to match less mobile members with a CBE buddy who can provide an occasional call and visit

To receive fully is a blessing.
Please call the CBE office at 303/670-4294 if we can be of help.

To give fully is a blessing.
Please call if you’re willing to cook a meal, make a visit or call, or give someone a ride. Our small Committee is wonderful, but not magical … the Congregation could use your help.

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