Ten Ways to be a Minyan Maker

Gratitude – my sense of appreciation, for food, family and friends, etc.  Humility – my responsibility to you, my place in relation to a larger whole, to community, to cosmos, to haCol [the All]. Enthusiasm – the unique and invaluable contribution I can make, today without delay.  We’ve chosen to highlight these ‘measures of character and spirit’ [midot] as we near the end of 2017, as we prepare seasonal celebrations of Thanksgiving and Rededication [Hanukkah].  At CBE, we strive to actualize them through companionship, community, and creativity, three of our core values, and when we do, we are minyan makers.

In the spirit of this seasonal rededication to our core values, we are reprinting here the commitments we shared at the onset of 5778, just a couple months ago at the services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.   As you read through them, make note of ways to actualize three of them this month.  Attend an event at CBE.  Bring a dish or story or compliment to share.  Host a new friend or event at your home. Be a minyan maker.

Ten Ways to Be a Minyan Maker:

  • “Here I AM” []: simply share your presence, no words, skills, or deeds necessary. COME as you are.
  • “Can we talk?” [Nu?]: Share your story. Who are you?  Where are you from?  Where do you want to be? Laugh. Cry. COMMUNICATE.
  • “I’m here, I hear you” [Shema Yisrael!]: Strengthen our capacity to hear, feel, and bear pain, build a foundation for empathy, COMPASSION and COMFORT for times when words fall short.
  • “Come stand, dance, & sing with me!” [Havah nagilah! Halleuyah! Amen!]: Say, “Yes.” COMMIT to a cause.  Join the joy [COM-PLEASURE?!], share your Simchah!
  • “Let it go.” [Shabbat Shalom]: Reserve time for undoing, unplugging, releasing, Being COMPLETELY. “Peace in” [not out], rest, reconnect, renew, share solitude, COMMUNE.
  • “Here we go.” [Tzedakah]: practice gifting a smile, a story, a joke, a meal, an apology, a check. CONTRIBUTE to the cause.
  • “Here, taste this!” [Avodah, mik’dash mei’at]: Cook up COMPANIONSHIP. Make your table an altar. Bring a dish for a potluck or oneg. Savor it with all your senses.
  • “You are amazing!” [Shevach]: Practice praising. Protect our individual and collective souls from floods of criticisms and COMplaints, with COMPLIMENTS.
  • “Welcome, and Thank You” [Hachnasat orchim]:  Invite a guest, be a host. Make a play date. Be a gracious guest. “You are welCOME here!” “Thanks for WELCOMING me.”
  • Yes! And… [Amen!] Share YOUR ideas with us.

Truly, give us a call.  Swing by and share your companionship and creativity with your community.  And may you and yours be blessed with humble thanksgiving and enthusiastic joy.

Rabbi Jamie

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