Middah of the Month of Kislev: Humility

Scene:  Mini-van = 1, Teenagers = 6

Prompt:  Anavah means humility.  Consider the Alan Morinis phrase:

“No more than my space, No less than my place”.


Teen 1 – The perfect balance between being egotistical and shy

Teen 2 – Maybe not shyness but if you see some sort of injustice, it is your place to stand up against it

Teen 3 – Being careful though that if you define your place as standing up for some things, and then you don’t stand up for other things, maybe no one else will…

Teen 4 – Sometimes your impatience in a situation can override your ability to recognize someone else’s needs

Teen 5 – And when you ask for help you need to trust that they can handle the job and give them the space they need to do it

Teen 6 – Humility is knowing not only when you’re being unreasonable but when everyone is being unreasonable and being able to call people out on it without being even more of a bleephole.

Collective understanding: Humility can be practiced believing that thinking of yourself less is not thinking less of yourself

Humility practice

  • Experiment with restraint in being right without pointing out to others how right you are
  • Let others talk last as well as first


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