The Treasurer’s Minute

CBE’s stable financial condition continues through our common goal to match our limited financial resources with the fulfillment of the needs and interests of our lasting Jewish community. I have really enjoyed working with the Board and the committee chairs during my last two years as your Board Treasurer. There has been much collaborative effort among all concerned with sustaining and growing our organization in a manner that leaves us with a financially secure future.

There are several sources of funding that support our congregation budget. The three most significant sources are membership dues, religious school tuition and donations made by our generous donors.

Growth in membership is key to responding to growing pains in our budget. We can’t stop the increase in the cost of utilities, insurance, janitorial services and other operating costs. Growth in membership translates into more resources (both money and volunteerism) available to meet these expanding costs.

The religious school has and continues to be a fine example of budget prudence. They drive an excellent educational program utilizing only a modest amount of resources. They have the capacity and excellent infrastructure to grow and thrive.

Donations are key to getting us to a sustainable level of financial operations. These can be donations of time or money. Volunteerism is as valuable to an organization as money as this can replace certain paid services. Financial donations to our endowment funds serve to provide a growing source of income in the future. Individual donations to specific funds or programs are invaluable to us and can provide support for both individual programs and general operations.

For the remaining 20 months of my term as your Board Treasurer, I will continue to work closely with the Board and your committees in pursuit of good financial stewardship of CBE’s financial resources. To that end, I am inviting any interested members of our community to join me in re-forming the long-dormant Finance Committee. We will need to elect a new Treasurer to a new two-year term beginning July 1, 2019. I believe we should begin the effort soon so that a successor can become familiar with the role of Board Treasurer well in advance of that date.

…Ok, it was really Treasurer’s Three Minutes….


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