Stained Glass Window Unveiling

Our sacred space within Congregation Beth Evergreen holds many spiritual sacred works, such as our Torah scrolls, their adornments, our yartzeit wall, and our prayer books.  Like our community, the works of our hands in creating sacred space is not static.

Over the last few years our religious school 7th graders have been working in collaboration with stained glass artist, Linda Elliott, to create beautiful and meaningful stained glass windows for our community.  You have probably noticed the Star of David window in the entry way, and the rainbow (Emerging Stars) in the social hall.  What you may not see within these works are the embedded images and underlying meanings that have been carefully and thoughtfully designed – many of which can be appreciated once a viewer finds a hint of where to look.

On Tuesday, January 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM, our third stained glass window will be presented.  This magnificent piece was designed from ideas and sketches developed by the 7th grade class of CBE last year.  On January 9, come join the presentation of this work by Linda Elliott.  Linda, Rich Levine, and Rabbi Arnold will discuss the process of the creation of these pieces, the importance of ritual art within a religious community space, and the hidden meanings contained within each of the three windows.

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