Hive Alive

Judaism asserts that the world can be transformed & sustained in wholeness, love & connection.  Like the bee who transforms nectar into honey and whose ways perpetuate life beyond itself, each child is an integral member of the community, transforming Jewish ritual, song, culture, knowledge & commitment to justice and truth into a joyous experience that sweetens our world.

Our core value, our guiding principle is to establish a program where students learn to explore self and soul, nurturing a love of Judaism and a love of life-long learning.  Our responsibility is to ensure our students have Jewish literacy and skills learned in an engaging manner to feel connected, comfortable and positioned to continue participating and learning in Jewish life.  So what does all that actually look like?

We encourage you to visit us during religious school hours, meet the staff and students and join our learning.  You ‘ll see students singing songs and prayer with Rabbi Jamie, building Hebrew reading & decoding skills, increasing awareness of Israel past and present, exploring Torah & Talmud, infusing meaning and depth of ancient ritual into contemporary practice and increasing curiosity about the world around us and each other.

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