All Aboard the Member Ship!

Spring is in the air!  Spring is the time of renewal. Days get longer, and the Earth reawakens from its winter slumber, exploding with new life as trees, plants and fields begin to turn green.  The greens on the Seder plate represent the coming of spring. Spring is also symbolic of embarking on new projects, sowing new seeds and coming forth with new and innovative ideas.

When I returned to the CBE Board this fall, I volunteered to recraft the Membership Committee into a group of “Minyan Makers” (or conveners).  We have named this group The Member Ship to reflect our high touch, friendly and welcoming culture.   We want to encourage participation by CBE members and ensure that there are multiple points of contact, particularly with new members and prospective members who have reached out to CBE.

At CBE we enjoy events that share the common theme of community and spirituality.  We hold traditional and non-traditional ritual events such as Shabbat and holiday celebrations like the Purim Schpiel which was so entertaining.  Additionally, we offer many innovative ways to engage with our community, including social action, emergency shelter hosting, charitable activities, Mussar and other educational classes, and social activities like Skiing with Rabbi Jamie, game night and our softball teams.

As the skipper of The Member Ship, I am recruiting a crew of ad-hoc volunteers to fill roles and assist as the need arises.  Together with Susan Marcus’ leadership on the Mitzvah Committee, we have been delivering baskets to new members.  We had great attendance at our most recent event, the New and Prospective Member Brunch, which was held on February 25th.  It was a fabulous opportunity to get to know everyone in an intimate and welcoming setting. Thanks to our Member Ship crew and Board Members (Diane Amdur, Susie Speer, Karen Torf, Alan Rubin, Iris Solomon, Gail & David Jordani, Susan Marcus, Tara Saltzman, Laurie Walowitz, Hal Stein, Leah Connor, Elizabeth Moore and Rabbi Jamie) who helped organize the brunch and brought the delicious food!

We will be steering the Ship in a “Meeting Less” fashion – with no regularly scheduled meetings and a few ad-hoc conference calls.  Example Member Ship crew roles include greeting and making introductions to other members at events, establishing CBE Facebook communities, delivering welcome baskets to new members (thanks to Dick & Lois Friedland, Susan Marcus and Jodi & Zach Holman for recent new member basket deliveries) and reaching out to new and prospective members.

Embark on a new endeavor this Spring!  We welcome your participation and ideas and look forward to hearing from you – please reach out to me.  There’s no better way to get to know others and build life-long relationships in our CBE mountain community.

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