Sowing Seeds of Lasting Legacies

Spring.  What a wonderful word naming this season.  Like many Hebrew words, it’s a noun that rings like a verb, as it should.  Deciduous trees and flowers are budding, and so are imaginations.  Marti, my wife, and I have been busy, like the bees in their new hive, plotting and scheming to expand our gardens to feed the critters, bees and the humans that come and go in and around our home.

Here at CBE, our communal home, we’re spring dreaming as well – a fabulous weekend planned with special guest, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, an exciting summer extension of our terrific ECE programing for families with young children, AND, with plans to expand the reach and accessibility of our wonderful library and adult learning opportunities.  We’ve conceived a fabulous, enticing, versatile, hygge-space upstairs for sitting, reading, meditating, hanging out and schmoozing, even zooming in and learning with us from anywhere with wifi.  The stacks of chairs in the social hall are going away, and in their place, a new, cozy, library corner.  As Herzl put it with regard to the modern state of Israel, “if you want it, it’s no mere dream.”  And you can help make it happen!

Thanks to a generous bequest by Paul Rothman z”l, a founding member and patron of CBE’s Library, a $5,000 matching grant has been established as SEED money to plant an offshoot of the library that was funded in honor of Paul’s parents of blessed memory.  We are seeking investors like you to raise the money needed for this project.  I hope you will share my excitement about this effort, this opportunity –

  • to honor and ensure the legacy of a true mensch and generous benefactor,
  • to do away with the eye-sore of stacked chairs in our social hall,
  • to expand our library, making its resources more accessible to everyone,
  • to create a sweet and welcoming hang-out space to simply enjoy,
  • to upgrade our tech with a smart TV and video conferencing —
    • giving us access to a rich and growing array of on-line resources for education, entertainment, and entertaining education
    • allowing those who are abroad or homebound to participate in classes or committee discussions from anywhere in the world!

Spring is here.  The natural world is modeling generosity and promising abundance, inviting us to take leaps of faith, to dream with wide eyes and to nest with arms open wide to one another.   What are you dreaming up this season?  This effort is one of many such opportunities at your communal home, CBE.  Bring ‘em on!  Jump on in.  It’s time.

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