Life and Legacy – Giving that Builds and Sustains Communities

Recently CBE joined 28 other local Jewish non-profit organizations and 51 other Jewish communities across North America in a training program called Life & Legacy, sponsored by Rose Community Foundation and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Its purpose is to help communities like ours build a legacy society founded by members who have made a commitment to sustaining our future. Our participation in Life & Legacy follows up earlier participation in training programs under the Live On program.

Legacy giving is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is of utmost value to CBE and to the North American Jewish community. Legacy gifting allows the donor to share the impact our synagogue had on their lives. Their thoughtful generosity helps ensure the congregation continues to impact the next generations in a similar way. Legacy gifting provides donors of any size the opportunity to become philanthropists. Legacy gifting allows us to fund endowments that guarantee a permanent resource will be available to sustain our community long into the future.

Congregation Beth Evergreen has an endowment fund managed by the Rose Community Foundation. We owe this endowment to the generosity of members who saw the importance of making a lasting difference. As of the last report (9/30/17), our fund balance was $420,600. Last fiscal year, we received a distribution from our endowment of about $18,800 for our general fund to help fund our operating costs and programs. The distribution amount was about 5% of our previous year’s endowment fund balance and represented 4% of CBE’s annual operating budget. According to information provided by Life & Legacy, independent professional advisors recommend organizations be prepared to have 20% of their annual budget coming from annual distributions from endowments by 2030. That will require us to have a significantly larger permanent endowment than currently exists.

This moment in time calls upon us to preserve and strengthen what we have built here at CBE. We invite you to be a part of assuring our vitality and vibrancy, our traditions and our innovations, our roots and our blossoms for the future generations of CBE. By making a bequest or other planned gift today, you will be doing your part to secure CBE’s future.

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