Lifelong Learning

A couple years ago, I’d shared a quote from my favorite addiction at the time; Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.  In the show, a character explains her draw to convert to Judaism: “And here, y’all sayin’ there ain’t no hell. Ain’t sure about heaven. And if you do something wrong, you got to figure it out yourself. And as far as God is concerned, it’s yo’ job to keep askin’ questions, and to keep learnin’ and to keep arguing. It’s like a verb. It’s like—you do God…I wanna learn more and I think I gotta be in it to do that”.

And so we have.

Students brought insight, curiosity, joy, challenging questions and hunger (for learning as well as snack).  Their desire to make this precious time worthwhile inspired meaningful and creative learning engaging in Torah, Hebrew, midot, prayer, mitzvoth, tikkun olam and community.  They planted, nurtured, designed and enjoyed the fruits of their own labor, led service and prayer and cared for each other and their environment.

They were supported by exceptional teachers: Jodi Dorkin with kindergarten, second & third grade, Karen Bennett with 4th & 5th grade, the dynamic duo of Rich Levine and Alan Rubin with 6th and 7th grade and our gracious & gifted Rabbi Jamie Arnold.  We’re grateful for the Madrichim Team of Nicole Solomon, Sofia Verheij, Aine Mulvihill, and Eli Born; our energetic & talented teen teachers.

The CCC (aka Conifer Carpool Collective) successfully transported 8 students from 4 different schools in 2 or less vehicles in a complex and stunningly efficient system every week:  Thank you Sheri Pinsonneault, Joy Stern, Jeannie Tal, Rachel Mulvihill & Adriaan Verheij!

I hope I’m not overlooking anyone and forgive me if I have.  Gratitude to Abby Bard, Alise Lawrence, Amanda Greenberg, Gary Torf, Scott Feldman-Peabody, Rachel Brunfon, Andra Slavsky, Jeanne Tal, Debbie Sandler, Dan Herman, Brian Hirsch, Jen Zinevich & Sheri Pinsonneault who’ve assisted in the classroom, gathered and organized supplies, worked one on one with students in Hebrew & learning activities, kept our snack buckets full and kept me on task and track with their expectations & guidance for which I am profoundly grateful.

Thank you ALL for being in it together.

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