Treasurer’s Minute

We closed the books on the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 and I am happy to report the actual net operating deficit for CBE was only $5,803, compared to a forecasted loss of $21,562. Our fundraising activities were much more successful than we predicted, but membership dues revenue was lower than our forecasts.

All areas of the synagogue operations did their best to manage operating expenses and those total expenses came in right on budget.

For 2018-19, we predict a little better year, due primarily to the rents received from The Learning Center Preschool. We are also working very hard this year on fundraising activities. We are optimistic we can at least break even, if not have a modest operating surplus.

In my past reports to you, I’ve written about Life & Legacy, the Rose Community Foundation’s effort to teach non-profits to emphasize and promote endowment building as a means to provide a long lasting and reliable source of funding for them. We are a part of that program and I am proud to report we have several new commitments for legacy gifting, along with a couple of members who are taking steps to document their pledge. I hope you will all consider the importance of including Congregation Beth Evergreen in your estate planning.

Finally, this is the last year of my term as Treasurer and will be stepping down at the end of this fiscal year (June 30, 2019). CBE will need a new treasurer to take over on July 1. Will you be the one to make that commitment and serve as our next treasurer? I HOPE SO!

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