Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Rabbi Benjamin (Jamie) Arnold was ordained at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1999. He came to Congregation Beth Evergreen as their first full-time rabbi in 2005. He is originally from Western New York and served Temple Sinai in Amherst, NY from 1999 until 2005.

As a congregational rabbi, he brings warmth, scholarship, music, wisdom, a love of tradition, and a way with children to Jewish communal life. In addition to leading spirited worship services at CBE, Rabbi Jamie is actively involved in the religious school, provides spiritual guidance and pastoral counseling, and leads a popular class on Mussar (an intensive Jewish ethical-spiritual discipline) every Thursday at 1 o’clock. His passion for interfaith cooperation and dialogue is evidenced by his leadership of the local Evergreen Interfaith Group and his service as Board President of AT HOME in Evergreen (an affordable housing initiative) and as Vice President of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado (TIA-CO). Through these organizations and other efforts he orchestrates interfaith dialogues, multi-faith community celebrations, and collaborative social and educational programming. Rabbi Jamie also serves as a volunteer chaplain for the JeffCo Sheriff’s Department.

Rabbi Jamie has had numerous articles published in local newspapers and original liturgical music recorded by both American and Israeli artists.

From Rabbi Jamie’s Blog

  • Psalm 6: Riddled with Regret

    PSALM 6 – Riddled with RegretA song for those of us struggling to sustain meaning and loveWith melodies on instruments with eight stringsthat keep breaking, one by one.O God, please, make it stop –rebukes delivered with angry sneers in the heat of anger.Be gentle, gracious with me. I’m reeling here.Help me heal, shattered to the bone, stricken, bewilderedI’ve lost sight of who I am, of You,Your Nameless Presence…how much longer!Come back!  I need your help to save this nephesh-soul, Your
  • Psalm 93 -- River-Song for a Friday

    PSALM 93 – PSALM FOR FRIDAYYes-Breath centerswith flowing pleasure, מ,with growing curiosity,ל ,knowing gratitude,ך .Dressed in dignity, wearing worth,Adorned in might and majesty,Grounded and unshakableEnthroned ever since whenonce hidden, now, here You are.The rivers rise, yearaise their voice.Water-ways rising like the sea.Many waves of varied waters,Breakers, crashing and splashing highinto the wind-breath wet and wonderful.Your witnesses stand and we say,“Amen. Yes! to theseholy

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