Adult Education

Lifelong Learning: Adult Education at Beth Evergreen

Busy yourself as much as possible with the study of the divine things, not to know them merely, but to do them; and when you close the book, look around you, look within you, to see if your hand can translate into deed something you have learned.      - Moses of Evreux   
In seeking wisdom the first step is silence,
The second: listening, 
The third: remembering, 
The fourth: practicing,
The fifth: teaching others.                
-  Ibn Gabirol   

Upcoming Adult Education Events

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Adult Hebrew

Learn to read Hebrew, recognize words and understand mysteries of this ancient language.  Hebrew Aleph and Hebrew Bet, 1st and 3rd  Wednesdays 4:30 – 6:30 (check CBE calendar to confirm dates and times).  $72/year, registration includes book fee.

Discounts available for those with children in Religious School.   Registration opening soon.

Please contact Tara Saltzman for more information or to indicate interest in classes.

"Our Turn to Learn" Interfaith Family Book Study

Join Rabbi Jamie in this 7 session exploration of the often challenging  experience of talking to children (and each other) about God using Harold S. Kushner’s book “When Children Ask About God; A Guide for parents Who Don’t Always Have All the Answers”.

Registration $100/family includes book fee and childcare.  Families with children already registered in Religious School receive $25.00 discount.  Book Study meetings correspond with Family Shabbat dates.  See Religious School Calendar.

Questions contact Tara Saltzman

Hitlamdut - Curiosity Classes

In line with CBE’s adult education focus this year:  Words, Words, Words; their power and limitations, the Hitlamdut group will examine the potential and intention embodied in Prayer.  Join Rabbi Jamie second Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30 at CBE for this FREE exploration of “Savoring the Siddur and the Language of Prayer”. 

November 8

December 13

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11







“Psalms of Praise – miZmor Shir”

“The path of Blessing – BareCHu; let us bless”

“The mother of all prayers – Listen & Love – sheMa V’ahavta”

“Praying to be able to pray – Ilu Finu, SeFatai tiFtah, Imrei Fi”

“Standing to Whisper – The Amidah”

“Making a mark – Kaddish-YiTgadal”

Weekly classes: Midday Mussar with Rabbi Jamie

Meets year-round [almost] every Thursday, 1PM – 2:30 PM at CBE.

What is Mussar?  Mussar is a traditional Jewish ethical-spiritual discipline that is in the process of being rediscovered in our time.  The method guides us in bringing positive virtues or ‘soul traits’ to bear in our daily lives.  This class has had on-going, enthusiastic attendance since 2008.  Each session is divided into two parts.  In the first hour, we combine text study, lecture and discussion around a particular midah [soul-trait], such as compassion, humility, joy, silence, honor, patience or gratitude.  The second part of the class is devoted to supporting one another as one person volunteers to share a personal challenge or situation that they would like to approach from a mussar perspective.  This class prompts curiosity about the attributes of divinity while offering insight into the human psyche, practical guidance for daily living and growing our moral-spiritual selves, and especially mutual support and friendship.  Come and see why this class has attracted such a devoted following.  And if you cannot make the midday time-slot, get on the e-mail list to receive weekly teachings to support your on-going study and practice.


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