Featured Events

Friday Morning Frolic with the Rabbi, July 6

July 6, 8AM
Hike (or bike!) with Rabbi Jamie! Meet at CBE.

Shabbat Under the Stars, July 6

July 6, 7:30PM

Join us for a true summer mountain experience on Friday, July 6, as we celebrate a Kabbalat Shabbat on our patio.

Mostly Wordless Music Shabbat Service Under the Stars, July 20

July 20, 7:30PM

Explore the wisdom and workings of wordless melodies in Jewish spiritual practice. You can think of each syllable of a Niggun as a pearl that is woven together by the melody. Each person in the room is like one of those pearls, so the melody also binds the souls of the community.

Prayer without a Prayerbook! Outside Under the Stars!

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