Featured Events

Grateful Dead Shabbat, April 20

Our grooviest Shabbat service is back! Join us Friday, April 20, for a unique blend of Grateful Dead music with traditional Shabbat liturgy.

Want a taste of what it’s like? Click here.

Tuesdays with Morim: Wordsmiths on Words, May 1

May 1, 7PM

You are invited to join a conversation with CBE writers Joanne Greenberg, Nancy Larner, Elisa Robyn, Ron Solomon and Marilyn Saltzman. The writers will lead an interactive discussion about writing and words – how they choose their words; why and how they express their creativity through words; and the power and limitations of words. Rabbi Jamie Arnold will moderate the conversation.

Dead Sea Scrolls Virtual Lectures, May 6

2PM, Sunday, May 6
If you’d like to prepare for our May 20 personalized tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, led by Dr. Russ Arnold, join the Adult Education Committee from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday,  May 6 at CBE  for  three 30-minute online lectures by Dr. Gary A. Rendsburg. We will allow time for discussion after each lecture. The three lectures are The Discoveries and their Significance, The First Seven Scrolls, and The Historical Backdrop of Ancient Judaism.
There will be snacks. And tables, in case you want to take notes.
Dr. Gary A. Rendsburg holds the Blanche and Irving Laurie Chair in Jewish History in the Department of Jewish Studies at Rutgers University, where he also holds an appointment in the History Department. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Studies from New York University and taught at Canisius College and Cornell University, the latter for 18 years-before joining the Rutgers faculty in 2004. The author of six books and more than 120 scholarly articles, Professor Rendsburg takes a special interest in literary approaches to the Bible, the history of the Hebrew language, the history of ancient Israel, and the development of Judaism in the post-biblical period
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