Featured Events

Volunteer Training for ESP, September 30

September 30, Evergreen Lutheran Church

As we prepare for our second year of our Emergency Shelter Program, all volunteers are invited to attend this training at Evergreen Lutheran Church.

1-3PM New Volunteer Training

3-4PM Returning Volunteer Refresher

Tikkun Middot Open Havurah, October 5

The CBE Tikkun Middot Havurah is Gathering Once Again,
Thursday October 5th at 6:30pm!
Please join us as we expand our Middah practice this month to embodying the many aspects of Respect/Kavod.

Sukkot & Shabbat, October 7

9-11 am Sukkot hike or bike
11 am Family Friendly Hike
12 pm Potluck in the Sukkah
1 pm Torah Study

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