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Welcome from Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Welcome home! To newcomers, visitors, friends, and guests, on behalf of the members of this community and its leaders, I would like to thank you for your interest in Congregation Beth Evergreen (CBE). We sincerely hope that you will soon find yourself at home here at Beth Evergreen – a Jewish community located in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. We are delighted by your presence and greet you with open arms.

As a Congregation, CBE is proud of its diversity. Among us you will find a wide variety of backgrounds and spiritual dispositions seeking different spiritual paths within the context of Jewish community. Young and old, traditionalists and radicals have chosen to congregate here. As a family of families, we strive to be open and inclusive, offering a sense of belonging to all who come in good faith. Recognizing that righteousness in our relationships is more important than being right, we are committed to open, participatory, and, most importantly,respectful decision-making processes. Here we share both tzurrus [struggles] and simchas [celebrations] because we know that by being connected to each other we are drawn closer to the Source of Life that links us all.

The word Beth, or beit, is a Hebrew contraction abbreviating the word bayit. Bayit is a concept central to Jewish culture, faith, and practice. The term can refer to any of the following: 1) the ancient Temple that once stood in Jerusalem, 2) a house – of gathering, of study, or of worship, or 3) one’s home. At CBE we strive to realize all of these associations. As a bayit, Beth Evergreen is a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the mountainous landscape that serves as the hub of Jewish life in the region. It is also a house of gathering, study, and worship, and a home. In the spirit of this latter sense, we enjoy an informal, intimate atmosphere that is inviting and familiar, like home!

Evergreen personifies our location and our kavanah [focus or intention]. "I lift up mine eyes unto the mountains, from whence comes my help." (Psalm 121) The mountains, the blue skies, the lake, and nature’s creatures that inhabit them – this is Evergreen. Most of us migrated to this high country because of its beauty and majesty. If a primary purpose of Jewish prayer is to inspire awe and wonder, then we have found a suitable place for worship in Evergreen.

And like the densely wooded hills, we strive to be green in our approach to Jewish communal life. We have high aspirations, yet our colors are humble. Whether we come with a lifetime of Jewish study and experience, or we are just starting out, we value the sense of wonder and anticipation that comes with new beginnings. In this sense, we are all beginners and value the wide-eyes filled with wonder that come with being ‘Ever Green.’

Working together to create a Jewish communal life in the mountains that is spiritually and intellectually rich, welcoming and diverse, homey, and forever green; this is what we are about at CBE. We would be honored if you would join us.

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone or e-mail. I am eager to hear your story, get to know you, and respond to any questions, suggestions, or concerns you might have. Once again, b’ruchim haba’im – Welcome to CBE!


Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Welcome from the Board of Trustees

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining our congregational family. Congregation Beth Evergreen, CBE, is a warm and welcoming community of involved and committed Jewish people from diverse backgrounds. We seek to provide an environment in which Judaism touches lives in spiritual and compelling ways, and in which each member feels the value of participation and belonging.

As Congregation Beth Evergreen continues to mature as a spiritual community in its new home, we strive to rededicate ourselves towards the goal of a holy community that furthers sacred study, communal worship, and deeds of loving kindness. The process of building a holy community takes time and energy. It takes all of us pulling together to achieve what we know deep in our hearts is possible. But to continue to build on our proud tradition of service to both the Jewish and non-Jewish community, we need your support. We need you to join us as members and active participants to ensure an exciting future for Judaism in these majestic mountains for our children and our children’s children.

Congregation Beth Evergreen is a congregation that is bound more by geography than ideology. Our backgrounds and upbringings include Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox as well as those who are Jewish by choice or have had no Jewish background at all. Many of our members have interfaith households. Together, we are a community that has a rich history of member participation. We welcome your talents and want to know what your interests are. Whether musical, torah reading, administrative, culinary or technological, we are appreciative of your time and commitment to this congregation.

As members of Congregation Beth Evergreen, we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you personally, so that the times we share together, both in joy and in sorrow, will be memorable and meaningful. If you have any questions, or we can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to call. We hope that in Congregation Beth Evergreen, you will truly find your Jewish spiritual home in the mountains.


The Congregation Beth Evergreen Board of Trustees

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