Spiritual Life Committee

Mission Statement:
The role of the Spiritual Life Committee (SLC) is to offer “opportunities for meaningful worship and pursuit of spirituality,” as articulated in the CBE mission statement.   Our aim is to encourage, provide, and refine rituals, practices, and resources that will to enrich the individual and collective spiritual life of the membership of Congregation Beth Evergreen.

The SLC has both logistical and educational responsibilities.  The SLC is charged with planning and reviewing the calendar of Sabbath and holiday services and rituals – informed by the Jewish calendar, life cycle traditions, and a Reconstructionist approach to infusing tradition with on-going spiritual significance.  In addition, the SLC, together with the rabbi, provides guidance and education to the congregation about the policies, decision-making procedures, religious customs, and ritual innovations that constitute spiritual life at CBE.

Getting involved:
Monthly meetings of the SLC are open to the membership of the congregation, and if had enough interest to read this far, that makes you a perfect candidate to serve on the committee.   Join us.

The SLC typically meets on the first Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.  Check a current CBE calendar to confirm.

Questions, concerns or comments about communal spiritual practices at CBE are always welcome.  Contact Rabbi Jamie at rabbiarnold@bethevergreen.org or 303-670-4294 x7, or the current chair of the SLC as listed in the Shofar.

Resources for Lay Leaders of Shabbat Services at Beth Evergreen:
Click here for sample layout of Friday Night Shabbat Service
Click here for sample layout of Saturday Morning Shabbat Service

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