Religious School

Where students learn to explore self and soul, nurturing love of Judaism and love of learning.

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Our School is Inclusive, Experiential, and Innovative, with programming for families with children in preschool to high school.

Students learn Jewish culture & customs, Hebrew skill, and how our Jewish history has and continues to evolve over time.  Through music, movement and mussar, art and social action, relationship building, Torah study and story, and hands on experiential learning our community of learners develop skills to reflect & refine personal connections, appreciation and identity with Judaism supporting each other’s emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.

All Religious School Programming Includes:

Hebrew Lab

Hebrew Lab is a unique, interactive Hebrew learning program designed so students can advance at their own level or collectively using a variety of modalities including computer technology, games and manipulatives, textbook, prayer book & individualized attention. 

Pre k – 2 will receive age appropriate instruction.

Model Minyan

Our students learn from our Rabbi about the prayer service while practicing, praying and singing.  It is a great opportunity to create community among our students and reinforce curriculum.

Teachers and Staff

We have an extraordinary teaching staff that is experienced, dedicated and passionate about Jewish education.  Meeting the individual needs of their students, each teacher makes the classroom come alive with Jewish learning. 

Tara Saltzman

Director of Education

Tara Lynn Saltzman came to Evergreen, Colorado in 1998 from Miami, Florida with a Master’s in Social Science Education and minors in Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology. While also working in public and private schools, she has remained a devoted Religious School educator for over 30 years. Congregation Beth Evergreen nurtures her passions for life-long learning, social justice, interfaith dialog, and singing. She seeks opportunities for students and adults to explore their curiosity together and discover strength and joy in shared Jewish goals and values along diverse paths.

Karen Bennett


Renee Bernstein


Rich Levine

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