Mezzuzah Hanging Ritual

Do you want to celebrate Judaism in your home? Then make an appointment to have our Mezuzah hanging committee along with Rabbi Jamie come to your home to put up a new mezuzah. We’ll bring a nosh or two and decorate your door with one of our beautiful CBE mezuzahs.

Already have a mezuzah? Not a problem. We can bless your home and hang your mezuzah. We will put up as many mezuzahs as you’d like: maybe one on the entrance through the garage or outside a bedroom door. You decide and we will be there.

When can we do this? One Sunday per month will be dedicated to mezuzah hanging or we could do a Saturday night if you prefer. If you choose to hang a CBE mezuzah with our kosher scrolls we ask for a donation of $36 to cover our costs. If you can’t afford to buy a mezuzah the congregation will furnish one for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see every congregant with a CBE mezuzah on their home? Contact Leah at or 303.670.4294 x 1 to make an appointment to schedule your mezuzah hanging ceremony. What a great way to invite Rabbi Jamie and other congregants into your home!

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