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Community Spaghetti Dinner, October 19

Friday, October 19, 6PM

Join us for a community spaghetti dinner benefiting the Religious School! Adult tickets are $10 and include spaghetti, wine, and dessert. Kids & teens 20 & under pay $5 for spaghetti, juice, and dinner. Grab some munchies before the Mostly Music Shabbat!

Neil Young & Paul Simon Shabbat, October 19

October 19, 7:30PM

Join us for a Shabbat featuring the stylings of Paul Simon and Neil Young for a musical experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Biking & Bagels, October 21

Sunday, October 21, 10AM
Join Ari Gould, Seth Grob, and the new CBE Biking Havurah for a leisurely loop around Elk Meadow Park, followed by lunch at the Bagelry.

Ute Prayer Trees, October 21

Sunday, October 21, 2:30PM

Ever notice artistically bent pine trees around Evergreen and Conifer? Did you think it was an accident?  Learn how the Ute Indians skillfully modified trees for navigational, spiritual, burial, medicinal, nutritional and educational purposes at a workshop at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 21 at Congregation Beth Evergreen, 2981 Bergen Peak Drive. The workshop is free and open to the public.

Presenter is John Wesley Anderson, who wrote Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region. The book is not just a story about culturally modified trees; it’s about the advanced culture of the Utes, the deeply spiritual, indigenous people of the Pikes Peak Region.

Anderson is an author, artist and consultant. He retired from Lockheed Martin in 2012 to launch a small consulting business to pursue his love of history, writing and the arts. Prior to working ten years in the corporate world, John served two terms as the elected sheriff for El Paso County. Although Anderson has travelled around the world, including several adventures on a catamaran sailing the Caribbean, three corporate security assignments into a combat zone on the Horn of Africa and landing on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean, he remains most fascinated with the rich history and art discovered in his own backyard in the American Southwest.

2018 Great Compassion Mandala Tour, October 23-28

Tibetan Buddhist monks with the Ngari Institute for Buddhist Dialectics will be at CBE from October 23-28, creating a sand mandala & performing sacred music. The event is open to the public daily from 10AM to 5PM. During the dissolution ceremony on October 28, the monks will destroy the mandala and carry the sand to Evergreen Lake, to symbolize impermanence, and attendees will receive packets of the sacred sand.


  • Oct 23, 4:15-5PM – Setup
  • Oct 24, 10AM-5PM – Mandala Creation
  • Oct 24, 7PM – Mandala Tour & Mission, Q&A
  • Oct 25, 10AM-5PM – Mandala Creation
  • Oct 26, 10AM-5PM – Mandala Creation
  • Oct 28, 12:30-2PM – Completion Ceremony
  • Oct 28, 2-3PM – Dissolution Ceremony

Wednesday, November 7, 6PM

We are renewing our annual (and deeply rewarding) tradition of getting together as a group to pack Thanksgiving food boxes at The Action Center (Formerly JeffCoAction).

Please join us for this family-friendly mitzvah!

Saturday, Oct. 27, 10AM

Have you ever wondered about all that talk about planets and signs and transits and retrogrades? This is your chance to get an overview of all those astrological terms and what they might mean to you.We will focus on how Kabbalah uses astrology and what this might have said about your chart.

Elisa Robyn worked as a professional astrologer and psychic in order to put herself through her PhD program. Through the years she has continued to study with many teachers and uses astrology to help guide people through tough times.

NOTE: Please send birthday, time and location to Elisa at least one day before the class if you want to look at your chart.

Please join us for a special potluck dinner and Shabbat evening in honor of CBE’s newest members…

Friday, November 2, 2018

6PM Potluck dinner (RSVP HERE)

Whether you are new, new-ish, or a long-term member who will help with welcoming – we hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 4, 2PM

Join the adult education committee one Sunday each month to sample Great Courses lectures or online courses focused on Jewish Studies.

We will have eight Sunday afternoon sessions this year, snacks provided. Usually, we will experience two thirty-minute lectures with time for conversation after each one.

Here is the outline of courses you can sample this year:

  1. Jewish Intellectual History: 16th to 20th Century
  2. Beginnings of Judaism
  3. Biblical Wisdom Literature (for example, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs)
  4. The Dead Sea Scrolls
  5. Jesus and His Jewish Influences

Why sampler? Because each of these courses is considerably longer than two lectures, varying from 24 to 48 lectures. You can attend the one or two Sundays devoted to an introduction to the course and decide if you would like to pursue the whole course at another time. The adult education committee will facilitate whole course gatherings if enough folks want to follow through with them.

Merissa Nathan Gerson will present a workshop on Inherited Trauma at 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4 at Congregation Beth Evergreen.
Do the histories that precede us impact our lives? Do we carry that history, and if so, in what way? This workshop looks at the inheritance of trauma and memory, what it means for the surviving generations of ward and violence, and what it means to move forward with this information. This talk addresses trauma from the medical, scientific, therapeutic and spiritual perspectives. Think of it as trauma 101 – how to understand it, how to remedy it, and how to prevent repeat trauma.
Gerson is a freelance writer based on Martha’s Vineyard. Her writing has appeared in Tablet, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Lilith, Playboy and other major publications. She holds a master’s in Jewish Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. She was the inherited trauma consultant to the Amazon show Transparent and gives talks on the subject nationwide.

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